Who We Are

At Center for All Abilities, we serve each individual regardless of his or her learning differences. We focus specifically on supporting individuals with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, Down syndrome, sensory integration disorders, and other neurodevelopmental disorders, but also serve neurotypical individuals and those who present behavioral or emotional challenges. We believe that everyone can learn and blossom if they’re given creative outlets to address their unique needs and strengths. At Center for All Abilities, we envision a community that embraces neurodiversity and celebrates our differences.  


Therapy Programs

CREATIVE ARTS Therapy - Chinatown

Our Chinatown location offers individual, dyad, and group music and art therapy sessions on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. Weekend programming offers individual and dyad sessions to young children and teens. Certified creative arts therapists are trained to tailor their approaches and activities according to the developmental and cognitive level of each child, as well as the child’s energy and emotional state, to facilitate the most effective interventions to help the child grow and develop skills in areas such as self-expression, awareness, social skills, communication, language skills, creativity, motor skills, impulse control, flexibility, and self-esteem. Adaptive music lessons are also offered for those who demonstrate musical strength and/or interest, and are conducted by a board-certified music therapist.

Creative Arts Therapy - Flushing

Our Flushing location offers dance and movement therapy, led by a certified dance therapist. Through a creative and supportive environment, dance therapy offers children and youth of all abilities to express themselves, explore their bodies, and gain self-awareness in a fun and natural way. We aim to help the children discover what they CAN do, not what they cannot. The activities are designed to cultivate focus, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, and motor skill development.

Residency Programs

Board-certified music therapists provide weekly group music therapy to preschools in Harlem and the Bronx (the Kennedy Child Study Center, and the Kennedy Children’s Center) during the school year. Between the two schools, we offer programming to 12 classrooms, serving 100-120 children in these schools weekly during the school year.


Mentorship Programs


We provide guidance and care for children with special needs through Bible-led and virtue-based teachings by hosting topical discussions, social activities, group outings, volunteer opportunities, cultural immersion, and one-on-one mentorship. Gifted Hands, another community-based nonprofit, joins the program once a month to lead group art activities for the children and youth involved in the program.


Life Skills Programs

Blue Hat Vocational Training

We provide baking training for youth and adults of all abilities. Participants learn to use cooking tools, gain knowledge on proper food handling and kitchen safety, and learn how to interact in a work environment. The collaborative cooking process encourages teamwork, builds friendships, and helps participants find purpose in their community.


We provide therapeutic music lessons for those who demonstrate musical skill or heightened interest. Children and youth who take lessons are given opportunities to perform at various events throughout the year.


We offer a joint project in collaboration with Center for Book Arts in which youth in our program have the opportunity to acquire skills in book-binding.


Community Programs

Parent Support Group & Children’s Play Group

We offer weekend programming to provide social and therapeutic support for the whole family. The Parent Support Group promotes socio-emotional wellness through community support and therapeutic art-making. Through a joint effort with Gifted Hands, an artist leads the group through a therapeutic art activity, offering artistic expression to encourage creativity, skill development, social connection, and spiritual enrichment. While parents gather in support group, their children are in a separate creative space which allows them to grow in their social development through interactions with peers, therapists, specialists, and volunteers during supportive play-dates involving art, music, and play.


We host art shows, family outings, performances, and an annual achievement ceremony to offer support to families and provide an opportunity for relationship-building between families in our programs and within the community. These events also give us the opportunity to reach new families who may benefit from our programming.